Artificial Grass Carpet in Bangalore

You might have seen Artificial Grass Carpet (Artificial Turf) in sports stadiums, outside restaurants, and even in your neighbor’s place.

A beautiful green yard is the beauty of every home. Many people are passionate gardening enthusiasts, but they do not spare time or effort to make their lawn beautiful. However, in today’s time, you can just install Artificial grass carpet in Bangalore easily.

Artificial Grass Carpet is Beautiful, highly durable, very practical, and easy to maintain, artificial grass is nowadays used both indoors and outdoors.

With the modern technology and materials used, artificial grass now fully imitates the natural grass-like appearance by combining different thicknesses and colors of fibers. Artificial grass can be a great option for a yard, terrace, or balcony.

But, What is this Artificial Grass Carpet in Bangalore? Let’s have a look on

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What Is Artificial Grass Carpet in Bangalore?

Artificial grass or fake grass is a material that is made of synthetic, man-made fibers that look like real grass.

Quality artificial lawn grass consists of several layers, including backing, cushioning, two or three drainage layers, and infill, which is often made from substances like recycled rubber tires or natural cork.

The synthetic grass blades are green and come in different heights. It is constructed in the same way that carpet is made; it has a solid backing and then the blades are machine stitched on.

Most new artificial grass that is being produced today also weaves in a brown thatch that mimics the look of dead grass that you would see on a real grass lawn. In today’s time, artificial grass carpet gives a realistic appearance.

In this blog, we will see:

  1. Why consider artificial grass?
  2. How to install artificial grass?
  3. How is artificial grass maintained?
  4. What Makes A Good Quality Artificial Grass?
  5. Artificial grass carpet Pros & Cons
  6. Artificial grass carpet price in Bangalore
  7. Why choose us?
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Why consider Artificial grass carpet?

Artificial grass carpet in Bangalore offers many advantages for the client. It saves both money and time and is an excellent landscaping alternative. Natural grass consumes 55 gallons of water consistent with square toes annually. 

however, artificial grass doesn’t require any water, extensively lowering monthly water bills.

The general public of residential water use is from landscaping. Insure components of the country, drought conditions are present and water conservation is a need. Many human beings experience that it’s miles extra vital to keep the water to grow food in preference to use it for landscaping beautification functions. 

Artificial grass carpet in Bangalore is something that could provide human beings the landscape look of green grass without maintenance.

Natural grass can die, But artificial grass carpet in Bangalore can be the ultimate twenty or extra years creating a “for all time lawn”. The good thing about it is that once it is installed, it is always green. Lawns can never be overgrown or develop brown spots.

Artificial grass carpet is a great choice for restaurants, Showrooms, etc. But in today’s time, artificial grass carpet for balcony in Bangalore is a great choice too. This enhances the overall look and beauty of the balcony giving really good vibes.

Landscapers are no longer required. because artificial grass carpet doesn’t grow, you now do not have to lease a landscaper to hold your lawn. Fertilizers, weed control products, pest management products, and lawn care equipment grow to be an element of the past.

Artificial grass carpet in Bangalore saves time as it does now not need to be maintained like a real grass lawn. consequently, in case you hold your very own garden, you may no longer need to mow it on a weekly foundation. 

In addition, the removal of garden mowers is an environmental advantage as it reduces the emissions which might be released in our surroundings. One lawnmower emits as many emissions as 11 motors going for walks for 1 hour.

In short words Beautiful, tidy and safe green area.

  • The long durability of artificial grass will make its green color remain vivid for an extended period of time. Artificial grass is durable, does not fade in the sun, is resistant to wear, and is not slippery. High-quality and dense artificial grass will provide you with a pleasant atmosphere at home, in a yard, as well as in a cafe or a restaurant’s garden.
  • It does not absorb moisture and is weather-proof(rain, snow). This is one of the great benefits of artificial grass, therefore it is recommended for cafe gardens and outdoor restaurants.
  • No additional maintenance costs. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, does not require mowing or watering. For that reason, it is very suitable for playgrounds, sports courts as it reduces electricity bills and spares valuable water and time.
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How to install artificial grass carpet?

Whether you plan to place artificial turf on a natural surface, concrete, or ceramics, our guide on how to install artificial turf will help you complete this process successfully and easily.

If you want to install artificial grass on a hard surface (concrete, ceramics), follow this simple artificial grass installation guide:

1. Estimate height and length

Before setting artificial grass on the floor, determine the width and length at which it will be set.

2. Clean the area

Before installing artificial grass on concrete or ceramics, clean the surface thoroughly to make sure that the surface is perfectly even and that all the impurities have been removed.

3. Set your artificial turf

Since it is available in rolls, all you have to do is to spread them on a given surface and position them in the right place. Keep in mind that the orientation of the grass should be in the same direction for each individual roll.

Allow your artificial turf to rest for about 24-48 hours, which will prevent any creasing. After letting it settle, cut the turf with a sharp knife. The rolls should be carefully measured, cut, and placed one after another.

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Is it easy to install artificial grass carpet?

Yes, An Artificial grass carpet is easy to install on the balcony because it is a small surface and the grass can be cut into one part. Installing artificial turf in the yard is a little more complicated.

So, where is artificial grass carpet near me? & artificial grass online

Can we install an artificial grass carpet for the balcony?

Balcony or terrace (hard surfaces: concrete, ceramics): The base must have a slight fall in order to prevent water retention under the grass in case of rain or similar weather conditions, as this residual water would eventually produce an unpleasant odor.

Installation of artificial turf over hard surfaces (concrete, ceramics …) can be done in 1 day.

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How is artificial grass carpet maintained?

Artificial grass carpet care means periodic cleansing, although individuals who stay in dusty regions or those who’ve younger children or pets will probably need to clean extra often. maximum dust and particles are effortlessly eliminated with a blower, flexible lawn rake, a brush with stiff bristles, or a garden hose. 

Every now and then, it is able to be essential to comb the grass with a broom to hold its status upright in a natural fashion, particularly in case your own family enjoys laying at the grass and it turns into compacted. 

Artificial turf is stain-resistant and most problem regions may be wiped clean with soap and water or vinegar and water. A vinegar mixture also works as a disinfectant.

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What makes a good quality artificial grass carpet?

As a client, when comparing artificial grass carpets there are a few key factors that might be very essential. it is in your pleasant interest to buy a “well nice” grass because this will determine how long it will close and how long it’ll appear accurate. 

An amazing high-quality product starts with the backing fabric, you want to choose a product that has polyurethane backing and is now not latex. in addition, you want the product to have a UV-resistant protectant coating.

This is of specific importance because this can shield the synthetic grass from the solar and hold it looking green. products that are not dealt with with a UV protectant can fade turning the grass blue or white. additionally, take a look at and notice if the artificial grass is lead-free.

There are artificial grasses manufactured right here in India, which gives you the opportunity to buy Indian.

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Artificial grass carpet Pros & Cons

Artificial Lawn Pros

  • Choice of several colors, styles, and heights so you can choose the artificial grass that looks most natural in your environment.
  • No watering. This is an important consideration during the current drought (and saves time, too).
  • No need for fertilizer, which means no toxic chemicals seeping into the groundwater and No need for mowing.

Artificial Lawn Cons

  • Artificial lawn is an expensive, long-term investment.
  • Some people say artificial grass emits an unpleasant, rubbery odor on hot days.
  • Although the grass is low-maintenance, it tends to collect dust and leaves.

Artificial grass carpet price per square foot starts from Rs.85 per RFT to Rs.150 RFT + 12% GST depending on the brand.

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