Zebra Blinds Bangalore Sqft Rs.185/- 2021

Zebra blinds Bangalore

Zebra Blinds is a roll up blind with a solid and sheer part to give you light even when it is fully rolled down. They have a huge advantage over standard roll up blinds as they are easier to operate and have both functions of horizontal blinds and roll up blinds. We provide Zebra blinds Bangalore.

The sheer roller blinds is a new innovation where the striped fabric across two layers creates the open and close effect. This Zebra blinds are the New Standard Leader in Blinds, They are very popular because of the modern and stylish features that help enhance the interior of every room creating a soft mood and comfortable atmosphere in each and every room.

Window Zebra Blinds are also known as Day and Night blinds, Zebra Blinds are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds and Zebra Blinds combines superior light control with a layer of privacy.

 Window Zebra Blinds allowing you to adjust the position of the banded fabric to your desired privacy and light setting you can enjoy enhanced flexibility day and night. Zebra Blinds helps to eliminate complications and anxiety while being the most competitive online destination for high-quality shades and Suitable for balcony too.

Zebra blinds Pricing

PVC Zebra BlindsGST 18%₹ 185 /- Per SQFT
Wooden Zebra  BlindsGST 18%₹ 230 /- Per SQFT
 Zebra BlindsGST 18%₹ 130 /- Per SQFT

Zebra Blinds offers artistic feeling to the user functionally and acts as sunshade at the same time.  The uniqueness of the product is double fabrics adjust light and view giving you the option of dual Serving.

The advantages of zebra blinds are that it integrates the function of Venetian blinds and roller blinds. you can adjust the amount of light and privacy needed. The concise and elegant blinds for windows are easy to operate.


  • Ball chain operated for trouble-free operation
  • Zebra roller blinds restrict outside dust and moisture and are easy to clean
  • These motorized zebra blinds can be controlled by remote, thereby bringing its adjustment on your fingertips
  • Available in various appealing colors and designs


  • It integrates the function of Venetian blinds and roller blinds, thus allowing you to adjust light without any hassle.
  • Sturdy, easy to install, cost-effective, and lightweight.
  • House owners can position zebra blinds as required for creating patterns.
  • Zebra roller blinds are also available in a customized format as per the user’s requirement.

If you are a person who loves to live with modern trends, then zebra blinds, Roller blinds are the best option for your home.

FAQ about Zebra Blinds

1. Are Zebra Blinds black out?

The Blackout Opera zebra daze is an exceptionally well-known model due to its double reason. It joins current and contemporary style with a room obscuring usefulness ideal for a room, home performance center room, or some other room necessity all out dimness.

2. How good are zebra blinds?

Zebra blinds are extremely versatile and can fit in any style home. Like a roller shade, they offer clean lines that fit perfectly with modern/contemporary settings but also can fit right into the traditional décor due to their soft sheer fabrics.

3. How Do You Clean Zebra Blinds?

1. Dust the Surface of Your Zebra Blinds. The first step is to pass a dry feather duster or microfibre cloth over the sheer material once a week to prevent dust build-up.
2. Gently Vacuum Zebra Blinds.
3. Zebra Blinds Can Be Spot Cleaned.
4. Remove the Shades.
5. Let Them Dry Naturally.

4. How do zebra blinds work?

What Are Zebra BlindsZebra blinds combine sheer sunscreen and solid weave fabric. When the solid fabric strips overlap, sunlight is blocked out; when the sheer fabric strips overlap, light is let in. 

5. Do zebra blinds block out light?

The simple answer is yes, they can be made with blockout or room darkening fabrics! Zebra Blinds can be fully rolled up for a clear view of the outside and when rolled down, the fabric sits flat against the window for a light blocking or room darkening effect.

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